International Women's Day Honoring all women, especially the following creators who have made an impact on the way I look at and collect art. Happy International Women's Day! Hadley Radt | Painter, Master of Fine Arts, Painting, California College of the Arts Ana Teresa Fernández | Painter, Sculptor, Headlands Center for the Arts Artist Residence Program Alicia…

What I’m Looking Forward to… FOG Design+Art

I love kicking off the new year with the FOG Design+Art fair January 11–14, 2018. The creative work and experiences, displayed by 45 leading international galleries, are always exciting, provocative, and inspiring. Last year, I almost walked away with these amazing pieces. Well, not really but they're in my virtual gallery. Markus Brunetti facade at…

2017 Highlights

From a hiking through a redwood forest and taking two new puppies up a grassy hillside to dining in an extraordinary place and standing a few feet away front of the Saviour of the World, I'm grateful for a year filled with family, friends, and new experiences. Here, my favorite 12 images from 2017. I…

Emo, Selfie-Taking Mannequins

A sad statement on our current culture or easy last-minute costume? I'm not judging, these mannequins look like they take better selfies than I.  Read article on Complex

Cross-Country Clouds

We've been experiencing crazy climate in the Bay Area. This morning, our kids school hosted their annual cross country race. The event started with sunshine but ended with this moody gathering of clouds. Though a bit rain followed, the sky was quite beautiful.