Union Jack Kicks for Kids

Union Jack Leather Boots, Dr Martens $52 (from $104) Cavaliers UK, Maa's $86 (from $144) Union Jack Flip-Flops, Hackett $32

Bobo Choses SS 2013

Have you seen Bobo Choses new petit grocery line? It's brilliant. The designs (mixed with a few other pieces above) make me think of fresh produce, the farmers market, homemade lemonade, and being a locavore. These are things I aspire to eat, see, make, or simply just be. I only wish they made the tomato…

The Littlest Wintour

Being in kids fashion, I couldn't help but be amused by the recent Who's Been Coveteur'd post on dear little miss Vogue, Hanna Wintour. I liked her preferred list which includes bauble-like J.Crew jewels and stylish Cole Haan shoes. It's my daily read for humor, style, and a bit of sass. Read full story. Enjoy! And, here's some of my…

Small Size Holiday Haberdashery

Inspired by my spouse and son, these are stylish looks for boys of any age (and any occasion!). My pièce de résistance: Paul Smith stipe tassel scarf. Read more at tada! shop.

Little Boots

Whether navigating a snow covered path or simply walking around town with a thick winter muffler, it's not too early to think about fortifying your children's feet with something more than just canvas. I'm starting to see lots of cool boots out there but really like these for the colors as well as warm &…