Five Fun Things: Being Fierce

These days, there are so many brave, innovative, and fierce people to admire and emulate. Responding to the changing world around us, these trailblazers are activists, designers, and actors, as well as enthusiastic messengers on Instagram. If you are not familiar with these people or their message, take a moment to learn about them. They are my esteemed five. Happy Friday!

Have you heard of Ana Teresa Fernandez? She’s the activist and artist behind the Borrando la Frontera painting (pictured above) and public art installation DREAM that you can see when driving on highway 101 in San Francisco. Yup. She’s pretty awesome.

doru-olowu-fallwinter2018Image Credit: Doru Olowu
From the Doru Olowu Fall Winter 2018 collection, the looks are inspired by the “iconic two tone British Ska singer Pauline Black of The Selecter. As well as the revolutionary work of Dada artists Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Hannah Hoch.” Wow. Obsessed with this creative mind.

thrive-global-inspireImage Credit: Thrive Global
I surround myself with awesome vibes from Thrive. They just nail it with robust.

Videos on the Two Emmas
She’s my favorite warrior.

Survivor Emma Gonzalez. She’s my hero.

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