7 Things to ❤️ at Robin

I haven’t had a favorite San Francisco sushi place in a very long time so am thrilled that Robin has arrived. Well, actually, the restaurant opened last year but we only just tried it last week. I think Rachel Levin, at Eater San Francisco, said it best “It’s the kind of sushi experience San Francisco has long lacked: one that’s neither austere nor Ace Wasabi.” Agreed. We’ll be back. In the meantime, here are some things I love.

1. Omakase
I love the culinary surprises that come from a menu carefully curated by the chef (Adam Tortosa) and his team.

robin-sf-a5-wagyu-foie-gras-snow2. A5 Wagyu with Foie Gras Snow
Don’t spend too much time staring at this masterpiece, eat it before the snow melts (it really does). It’s divine.

robin-sf-72-clocks-daiginjo-sake3. Sake
They know their sake. We asked for a well-balanced floral-based recommendation and our server brought Nakao 72 Clocks Daiginjo. Nailed it.

robin-sf-caviar-potato-chip4. Old School
Caviar on a fried potato chip. Done.

robin-sf-uni-caviar5. Uni-Sea Urchin
If you’re in uni fan, like my better half, get it here. You won’t be disappointed.

robin-sf-candied-ginger-soft-serve6. Soft Serve
Who knew candied ginger soft serve could be this good?

7. Size
I always steer clear of large sushi restaurants. This one is a super-cozy size that manages to feel open with the help of a wall of glass facing Gough Street. I think there were about a dozen tables as well as a sushi bar for about 10-12 guests.

You should know that Robin charges $79 (and up) per person for about 15 pieces. Cost is on a sliding scale, and our server did check with us first on a desired budget before creating our experience.

Robin | 415.548.2429 (text only)
620 Gough St. San Francisco, CA 94102

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