Short Reads: Pokemon, Jony Ive, Teens

Now that Game of Thrones finished for the season, I’m starting my summer reading with “A Song of Ice and Fire: Book One”. Let’s be honest, if you have read George R.R. Martin’s prose, you know it might be winter before I’m done. And how appropriate because winter is here! But I digress.

I love reading about a range of topics, mostly from art and design to raising kids and food (always food), with a few bits in-between, but can’t commit to as many books as I would like. Did I mention that I’m also a slow reader.

This is where articles and blog posts fill the gap. On paper or online, I can read while waiting for my kids’ practices, during a mani-pedi, on a beach, by a pool, in an airport, on a plane, but never in a car because I will get carsick. If you can find small pockets of time to check Instagram or Facebook, you can certainly make time and catch up on your favorite subjects. You get the picture.

Well, let’s get started. Here’s what I’m reading:
Ace Advice From 10+ Moms on Awesome Teens
Sensible, funny and from-the-heart advice.

Dear Jony…
Given the right experience, a design student could become the next Philip Johnson, Alejandro Aravena, or Yves Béhar… so I’m interested.

Student Fashion Designers Learn the Essentials of Sustainability
I’m fascinated by the sustainable movement.

The 11 Best Places for Avocado Toast in the U.S.
Everyone is doing it, even our local dive diner.

Will 22K people turn up to catch Pokémon in San Francisco on Wednesday?
This explains why my family looked like they were wandering aimlessly down the street.

Are you reading anything interesting, humorous, or inspirational?

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