12 Things to ❤️ at Mourad

Housed in one of my favorite downtown buildings, resides the beautiful Mourad. Aside from wanting to try Chef Lahlou’s new Moroccan recipes, I also wanted to check out the interior. The images from magazines and through the windows always looked swoon-worthy. Martin and I, along with the best dining partners, reveled in an evening of celebratory cocktails, good food, interesting wines, rich decor and our usual lively conversation… with lots to love at Mourad…

Cocktails at Mourad San Francisco1. The Cocktails
They have some delightful drinks like the Road to Marrakesh with Amaro Montenegro and curry (pictured bottom right). I had the Blue Suede Shoes with bourbon, grapefruit, blueberry shrub and elderflower (pictured left), which deserved a second round.

Mourad San Francisco2. The Bar
Don’t forget to look up and appreciate the well-designed bar while you enjoy a sip or two. Exposed brick never gets old.

Mourad San Francisco3. Floor Treatment
Then casually look down and admire the tile and rug pairing. Classy.

Mourad San Francisco4. Rich Texture
When you first enter, don’t miss the twisty detail of fallen wood against the industrial metal stairwell. Would love to know the design process behind this vignette.

Mourad San Francisco5. Sauces
These come at the beginning of your meal so pace yourself as you indulge in their spicy, sweet and savory secret sauces.

Mourad San Francisco6. The Kitchen
Mise en place (French for “everything in its place”). It’s a beautiful thing at Mourad.

Mourad San Francisco7. Modern Decanting
There’s something both quirky and sophisticated about decanting wine in a beaker. I’m a fan.

Mourad San Francisco8. Kanpachi
You may not want to share this one, especially with the mouth-watering cilantro and Harissa sauce.

Mourad San Francisco9. Tomato & Melon
This is what you get when you mix tomato, melon, hazelnut, cucumber and lemon confit in a bowl. Not much to look at but the flavors will blow your mind.

Mourad San Francisco10. Simple Dishes
Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best. If you like lamb (I love lamb!), this one should be on your must-order list.

Mourad San Francisco11. Dessert
I typically go for a post-dinner cheese platter, but they did not offer one. And thank goodness, the honey and almond with beeswax, granita and orange blossom was one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted (and probably rivals many cheese platters). Don’t miss this one.

Mourad San Francisco12. A Feast
Take your family and friends and make sure you have at least four diners in your group. With so many taste sensations, you’ll want to nibble on as many dishes as possible, and family style is the way to go.

Mourad | 415.660.2500
140 New Montgomery Street, Suite 1, San Francisco, California 94105

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