Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day I was shopping, very late in the game, only to find that our local Paper Source was sold out of the Valentine’s Day card kit that my daughter requested. Time was ticking so I decided to create our own cards… but what? I love finding treasure in small packages, and used that as my inspiration. After pacing up and down the store, I found some cute kraft hearts that fit perfectly into these glassine envelopes. I grabbed some festive Valentine tape and voilà we had Valentine cards!

DIY Valentine's Day CardsI carved a heart in an old Champagne cork, and Audrey used white ink to stamp each card as well as write on the back. We added a few candy hearts, sealed each with foil tape, and they were ready for delivery. “You have the juiciest creative juices!” she was so giddy. This is why I stay crafty.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day Soccer CardsFor my son, he simply wanted to hand out soccer cards. We ordered ten packs, and he put them envelopes. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Easy peasy.

What did your child do for Valentine’s Day cards?

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