Commonwealth: Tasting Menu

While the kids were away at the school’s annual camping trip, Martin and I (plus Conny and Joe) treated ourselves to a leisurely dinner at Commonwealth. You can always find good food in San Francisco. The only problem is that I can never keep up. If you keep a running record of must-visit restaurants, put this one on your short list. Interesting and exciting flavors await!

commonwealth_seaweed_chipshomemade seaweed chips with malt vinegar foam | chips were crispy and tangy, the foam was a too delicate for me, I like my malt vinegar robust

gerard-duplessis-20102010 Chablis Domaine Gérard Duplessis

brandad-chilled-pea-soupbrandade, coastal succulents, meyer lemon, wild flowers, chilled pea soup | my favorite dish on the tasting menu! all the flavors were so lively and fresh

scallopsscallop, hearts of palm, popcorn puree, pea greens, yuzu kosho milk | If I could make scallops like this, I would eat them more often, crispy top and tender bottom

vosne-romanee-20022002 Domaine Robert Arnoux, 1er Cru Les Suchots, Vosne-Romanée (thank you Joe & Conny)

rhubarb-saladrhubarb, artichoke, fromage blanc, chickweed, hazelnut, fava leaf pesto | I love rhubarb but have never had it other than in pie, this was a nice surprise, the hazelnuts, fromage and rhubarb were delicious together

seaweed-rubbed-brisketseaweed rubbed brisket, sprouting broccoli, bone marrow, kimchee | Who would have thought of rubbing seaweed on brisket?! really interesting, almost a smoky rustic flavor

Not pictured but enjoyed, devoured, etc.
celery sorbet
beer meringue, chocolate ganache, pretzel crumble, crème fraîche ice cream paired with Brachetto, Malabailia di Canale, Birbet, Piedmont, Italy (this was surprisingly good and refreshing, a bit bubbly like an elegant soda)

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