Dr. Scholl’s Sandals


When I was in high school, I had a pair of classic navy blue Dr. Scholl’s sandals that were the height of fashion. The open toe, square buckle, and nail head details, what’s not to love? I wore them with my coolest jeans (you know, the ones with a fancy design on the back pockets) and, brace yourself, jean mini skirts. My only complaint was the heavy wooden footbed that often made a loud stomping noise and sometimes leave tiny bruises on my legs… but we all gladly suffered for good style.

These updated designs are a Dr. Scholl’s and Steven Alan collaboration. Looking sleek and modern, they still honor that famous shape. The chambray design would be an easy summer favorite for me. What do you think?

Manhattan Lacquer Sandal $100
Tribeca Chambray Sandal $110

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