Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Project

Instead of giving cards and gifts to each member of the family, our daughter asked us to pick names out of a hat for a “secret admirer” (think Secret Santa or Kris Kringle but for Valentine’s Day). Gifts could only be made with materials found around the house. I drew our son’s name. I could have baked Nutella cookies and been done with it… but where’s the satisfaction it that? Don’t mention this to our son. I decided to decorate his door in high-school-locker fashion.

He loves the magic of paper, the cutting and folding to create something that no longer resembles a lifeless flat sheet. My goal was to delight and chose old newspapers to craft three-dimensional hearts. I cut 12-page thick heart shapes, folded them in half, stapled the center and began to fold each petal until the shape was full. I then taped string to the central crease and hung the hearts at different lengths. I like how it turned out and hope he does too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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