A Superb Dinner at Pläj Restaurant

What better place to hold a holiday office party than Pläj, located near the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House and Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall. I’m half joking because our office party consisted of my husband, his business partner, his lovely wife, and me. With a party this small, we were able to bring a couple of bottles of nice wine to enjoy with our meal, which looked like this…

Plaj San Francisco

A 1999 Trimbach accompanied the spine-removed sardines that were gently deep fried (pictured). When I first saw the dish, the title “Sardines Deconstructed” came to mind. The smaller image is of duck pâté with lefse. I have never eaten lefse this good. We also had the Gioia burrata, persimmons & grape tomato, and red frilly (or frizzy to some) mustard greens.

Plaj San Francisco

With our main course, we brought a 2007 Cote Rotie from Bernard Levet Les Journaries, that we recently had at St. Vincent Tavern (another great food experience but too dark for pictures) and simply loved. My main was the charcuteri dish (no surprise), which consisted of fennalar-salted lamb (amazing), in-house syltrulle-cured pork belly, creminelli wild boar salami, in-house cured lamb belly, spicy gooseberry jam, grilled rye. It was too good to be true. Pinch me!

Plaj San Francisco

These are images of what we had at the very beginning, in-house rye bread and salted butter, and at the very end, cardamom crème brulee.

333 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

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