Pre-Holiday Dinner & Cocktails Collage

Pre-Holiday Party

The dinner was a success! I’m feeling a bit under the weather so won’t be able to add details, but perhaps you will get a better picture from these lovely notes from our guests:

Wow… that was such a lovely night! You ladies pulled off an incredible party and I’m just amazed by all your talents. John and I thoroughly enjoyed the drinks, the food, the desserts, the beautiful home and the company. The school is lucky to have you all, and I’m soooo thankful! – Megan and John

Wow! Thanks for the amazing invitation to join you guys this past Saturday. Dick and Martin were charming and attentive hosts perfectly partnering you gorgeous and gracious hostesses! George and I had a lovely evening and it was nice getting to know you both and others better. Natalie, your home is just spectacular and comfortable. George keeps referring to your paint colors and style as we are always remodeling! Lizelle, the drinks were over the top, especially the Manhattan! Served up by smiling eyes! The food was crazy delicious.
– Patti and George

I’ve been thinking about all of you all day long and wanted to thank you (and your fabulous other halves) for a fantastic night. What fun!! Suji, YOU ROCK!! Amazing job on all of that yummy food. The house was beautiful, the wine was one of my favorites, the cocktails were fantastic, and dessert was SO good. You are all a wonderful team and throw a great party. Thank you so much for such a memorable night. Everyone went above and beyond, and it was such a treat on so many levels, although the best part was spending the evening with all of you. – Amy and Dennis

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