The $6000 Proposition

Vertu Constellation
Have you heard? There’s a new bold-priced smartphone in town… but is it worth it? The British-designed Vertu Constellation is encased in titanium with a sapphire screen, autographed by its craftsman, and its “users can make secure calls and send encrypted text messages, emails and photos.” (Just in case you need to secretly move funds to your Cayman Islands account.) And for amusement, if your DB5 breaks down on the side of a remote grand-touring road, you can channel your inner 007 with its “personal tracking alert button that users can press if they’re in danger—which alerts and then dispatches a security team.” I’m thinking big, like the SAS. With features like these, even Sir Jonathan Ive would blush. Read more on DuJour.

Constellation Smartphone

{ Images by Vertu Constellation and DuJour. }

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