Moto GP (Girl Power)

Thanks to emerging designers, like Christine Chang and Sue Tsai, kids fashion is becoming more gender-neutral. The same jackets, shirts, and even skinny jeans look good and are designed for both boys and girls (and not just tomboys). I love that the edgy styles, once categorized for boys, are getting more girl-time recognition.

This fall, I’m loving these unisex moto jackets – pair with a skirt and leggings, skinny jeans, or just some comfy sweatpants. There are no rules… which reminds me of the tremendously talented designer and artist, Rei Kawakubo when, over 40 years ago, she created the trend-bending Comme des Garçons (which translates to “like boys”).

Featured Moto Jackets
one : brown sherpa, boy + girl
two : marsden moto plaid, nico nico
three : marsden moto royal, nico nico
four : dancing dot moto, tea collection

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