Kid Gift Ideas: Cool Notebooks

go camo
Here’s a fun way to add camo, one of this season’s biggest trends, to your day.

With the start of school comes the barrage of birthday parties. This year, I’m stocking up early on what, I believe, 2nd and 3rd graders should always have… a good notebook and pencil. For the boys, I’m going rogue (giggle) with a camo-theme set. Hearts seem to be a constant source of happiness among girls. I’m including two pencils per notebook, wrapping in clear cellophane, and adding ribbon or twine. If the kids decide not to use such stylish and trendsetting writing gear (shocking), be sure to find the abandoned sets in my tote or yours!

camo notebook and camo pencils
heart notebook and heart pencils

The all-season heart is a reliable motif.
Try the all-season heart in a high-contrasting print.

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