Sneak Peek!

David Bowie
The founder of one of my favorite blogs, Pirouette, lends us her curatorial eye for this week’s feature. Inspired by the box-office-breaking David Bowie retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Florence Rolando found a few things, at tada! shop, that glitter and rock. To set the mood, we’ve created a playlist of our favorite Bowie tunes. Sit back and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek!

  1. Lizelle, you should rent a movie called Hunky Dory. Its available on iTunes. It stars minnie Driver as a musical teacher putting on a production of The Tempest to 70s tunes from Bowie, ELO, Beach Boys, Nick Drake, etc. It takes place in 1976 and it was soooo good. The music itself is worth renting it for. The kids who perform the show are phenomenal. Its based on a true story and takes place in Wales.

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