Favorites from b. patisserie

b. patisserie san francisco

I feel hungry every time I look at these images! They are from my new favorite place to splurge, b. patisserie. I love their savory tartines, lemon tart, fudge cookie (oh dear), and can’t wait to try the other scrumptious eye-popping goodies behind the glass but, for me, the pièce de résistance is Belinda’s vanilla-caramel mille-feuille. Gently flaky, with superbly smooth and delicately-flavored filling, it’s brilliant. Their new location, in lower Pacific Heights, is close enough that I don’t need a car to get there, yet far enough that a post-meal walk home will rid me of any guilt (yay!). If you like these images, just wait until you see the real thing up-close.

b. patisserie

2821 California Street | San Francisco, CA 94115 | 415.440.1700

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