Karin Schaefer Art

Karin Schaefer

I met Karin at Playtime NYC last weekend, a trade show highlighting American and international children’s collections. She’s the founder and owner of Acorn Toy Shop in Brooklyn (my friend Skye told me she LOVES the shop). I wanted to meet Karin because her boutique is on tada! shop and, honestly, we love her curated collection of children’s products. It was so nice meeting her and discovering her other passion, art.

Upon my return home, I had to see Karin’s website. I was immediately drawn to the mapping series; I love the simplicity and elegance of the lines. My favorite is the Flora series which covers movement in nature (pictured above). “This Botanical series is comprised of drawings and paintings that map the temporal, the ever-changing movement in nature. This work traces time-lapse shifts of shadows, or how wind or water change the form of flora, capturing and registering specific moments in time and space.” If you have time, it’s definitely worth a look. You can view Karin’s complete mapping works at www.karinschaefer.com. Enjoy!

{ Images by Karin Schaefer. }

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