Small Batches

Dandelion Chocolate, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream,  Montebello

This past weekend, we celebrated local artisans by enjoying and applauding their fruits of labor. We were fortunate to have Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Dandelion Chocolate, and Ridge Montebello at our table this past weekend.  With product descriptives such as small batch, handmade, single-vineyard, hand-wrapped, and bean-to-bar, we just knew our palates were in for a treat.

We had friends over for dinner and, while I prefer cheese for dessert, this Salty Caramel caught my eye at our local market. Actually, the label written in a black Sharpie caught my eye! Who has the time? I was impressed. My friend, Melissa, scratched a bit off just to prove it was hand written and not stamped by a machine. As for the contents, this was probably the best salty caramel ice cream I’ve ever had. I’ve found most to be too sugary, too sharp, too creamy, or too much caramel with not even a hint of salt. Jeni’s ingredients were completely harmonious and complimentary. I truly enjoyed my scoop.

Dandelion Chocolate is a true gem among the chocolate producers, both large and small. I love the complex flavors, the individually hand wrapped bars, the beautiful vintage-like paper, and the friendly people who founded the company. Did I mention that my husband keeps a stash of Todd & Cam’s creations on a very high shelf in our kitchen? The kids know it’s up there but also know that sliding a step stool across the floor makes a lot of noise. 🙁

I made bolognese for dinner, and the Montebello just seemed like the perfect match. This single-vineyard wine was quite good now. It will be amazing in a few more years.

Here’s to small batches.

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