Gift Tags from Olive Manna & Scrap Bits

My friend, Emily, asked me where she can get nice gift tags for an upcoming birthday dinner party. And, since I am coo-coo for all things paper, I had a running list ready to go! Since I use kraft paper (or shipping paper) for all my wrapping needs, I like to splurge on embellishments like twine, ribbon, toppers, and gift tags.  Whether you’re wrapping the perfectly shaped box, a bottle of wine, a jar of homemade preserves, or baked goods in a cello bag, any of the above would look lovely.

The top two designs are from Olive Manna. Love the colored wooden tags! They would be quite impressive on a gift but think how fun they would be as place cards or food labels for your next breakfast buffet. And, if you want to send a good eco-message, use either the whiteboard or chalk gift tags. Draw pictures, erase, and pass it on. What a cool idea!

If you’re a crafty mom and always find uses for extra tags, order from Scrap Bits. These beautifully laser cut tags will not go to waste. I always have leftovers, but they come in handy for birthdays, hostess gifts, and crafty weekends with the kids. Scrap Bits also sells stickers and other packaging items.

Happy wrapping!

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