Harry Potter Party

A collection of wizard hats, racing brooms, magical sticks, and voilà! it’s a Harry Potter party. This weekend, my daughter and I attended an 8th birthday party and, while many parents dropped off their child, I felt compelled to stay after seeing all the decorations and feeling the energy growing in my friend’s backyard. Thankfully, parents were welcome to stay.

The event began with the Sorting Hat placing all the kids in their proper houses, a befitting ceremony for any Hogwarts party goer. Once assigned, everyone put on a wizard robe and decorated twisty twig wands as well as magical glitter balls before engaging in a much anticipated Quidditch Match. Sets of hoops were placed on opposite ends of the yard and 2 coed teams raced around trying to get a ball through the hoops. Not as rough or difficult as the real game but, from the looks of things, just as fun. I had a great time watching, although if I recall, Slytherin won (rats). It was such an entertaining party, my daughter was sad to leave but pleased that she was given a Quidditch World Cup trophy (everyone received one). Thank you Megan and Natalie for a delightful afternoon.

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