World Class Baker

Friday morning in Sonoma means heading over to the local farmers market for some hometown goodness. While filling our basket with heirloom tomatoes and basil, our noses were taken captive by a local craftsman baker. Just past several tables and tents, stood Mike (a.k.a. the bejkr) surrounded by specialty breads, a display of true rustic beauty. I stood there for a while in awe but, since there was a line forming, had to make some quick choices – baguettes, asiago/roasted onion/potato bread, and whole wheat pretzels (still warm). Upon getting home, we tore some pieces off the baguette. Hmmm, dense rich “meat” with perfectly cracked, slightly blackened roasted exterior. Nothing else was needed, but a little bit of ham and tomatoes were later added.

Lastly, I must comment about his smart packaging. I love the simple use of waxed twine and unmarked kraft paper (my preference as well). According to Mike, this is all the wrapping one needs to keep his bread fresh for a day or two.

Mike is also a member of the U.S. Baking Team (I had no idea!). You can read more about him and support his journey at

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