Back to School Pencils

For back to school or work, my new accessory is the pencil. I’ve been a strict Uni-ball micro point person for years but have started using pencils for all my note-taking. Perhaps I’m being nostalgic (architecture class) or just making more errors that need a reliable eraser (old age?). Currently, I love using my Missoni for Target pencils that were given to me as a present. They’re a HB graphite set covered with those famous zigzags that are both stylish and fun. You can find them on ebay.

That said, I also like these lovely pencils. My favorite of the bunch is the Russell+Hazel black pencil set, each topped with a Swarovski crystal. Maybe not for your 2nd grade daughter but certainly for her teacher (or you). A hit around here are the the “made from recycle cedar wood scraps” pencils; an eco-friendly solution for our environment. And for literary types, librarians, and daydreamers, prose on pencils. Each pencil is wrapped with an old French novel. How cool is that?

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