Dark Chocolate Tart

Since receiving Sated Magazine‘s first issue, I’ve bookmarked several recipes waiting for the right time to indulge. The Dark Chocolate Issue, Volume 0 Number 1, delivers 90 pages of stories as well as mouthwatering recipes like molten salted caramel chocolate cakes, lavender & pomegranate pots de crème, and drinks like turkish mocha chocolate.

First on my list was the Meyer Lemon & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Tart. It’s fairly easy to make (even for me) with a sweet Meyer lemon crust and rich dark chocolate filling sprinkled with sea salt flakes and bits of candied lemon zest, what’s not to love? The recipe recommends using two-thirds 68% Guittard with one-third 91% Guittard, but try different combinations to find your favorite. For more recipes, you can order their Dark Chocolate issue here.

2 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Tart

  1. I bought that magazine too! What’s your verdict on the tart? I can’t tell whether you loved it, or just thought it was easy to make. I’ve been enjoying Sated so far (price is a bit steep, but the recipes are wonderful)!

    1. Hi Kara,
      Oh dear, I forgot the most important part! Yes, it was delicious and not as rich as I had thought (which is is perfect for me). I made it for a dinner party, but will certainly make it again! What have you made? Please share!

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