Ninjago Birthday

Along with celebrating the 35th anniversary of Star Wars (May 25) and the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge (May 27), we sang Happy 6th Birthday to our son this weekend. I suspect many 5 and 6 year old boys have Lego Ninjago pieces strewn throughout their bedroom floors. At our home, I usually end up stepping on a piece of Kai’s cycle or Darth Mal’s spaceship. Last year’s theme was Star Wars, so this year was Ninjago (which I don’t know very much about). At our son’s favorite bungee and trampoline gym space, we were allowed to decorate on one table so here’s what you see:

The Cake: Emily Luchetti’s Grandmothers’ Chocolate Cake, with with Marion Cunningham’s buttercream frosting, and finished with a Ninjago topper from Giddy Niddy.

Goody Bag: kraft lunch bag, black grosgrain ribbon, Ninjago label by Daisey Doos, with Cole Lego keychain inside.

Banner: Ninjago party banner by Custom Paperations.

Stands: kraft paper wrapped boxes with a print out of Kai’s eyes.

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  1. Hello Lizelle,
    Chanced upon your blog today! Love the cake and the theme party goodies. Glad you enjoyed the topper. I bet your son was overjoyed with his party.

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