Cinnamon Almond Flour Donuts

I spent the morning with my dear friend, Tina, baking Cinnamon Roll Almond Flour Donuts for Mother’s Day. Last year for Mother’s Day, we spent the day at Dragonfly Cakes making petits fours so it seemed appropriate to collaborate on another culinary project.

For the recipe, Tina got cute mini donut molds that made these treats even more irresistible. The donuts came out light and tasty without an overwhelming sugar flavor that you can get from regular donuts. Simply naked, the donuts would be quite nice paired with tea, coffee, a digestif, or just on their own. That said,  their subtle sweetness could work with almost any kind of topping. Try a dollop of yogurt, a schmear of chocolate, or even a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar after first trying the cinnamon-date-coconut spread. For the topping, you really need to leave the dates in the food processor for a while to get the right consistency. And, instead of hazelnuts, we used sliced almonds. Finally, the under-baked batch was definitely the most delicious.

My husband and daughter loved the mini donuts, but my son took one bite and gave it back to me (oh well). I had to leave for school pick up before we could package everything. At home, I used cello bags with a simple tie and tag. I’ll have to wait and get pictures of Tina’s packaging. I’m sure it’s simple and elegant. Enjoy!

Update 05.09.12
Such a clever and thoughtful way to bundle homemade donuts, I love Tina’s packaging for Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope they like the treats!

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