For Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day and, if you’re like me, gifts of paper and photos are on the list. Here are my favorites that are worth showing off.

Although my mom uses a digital camera, she still prefers prints when sharing images of her six grandchildren. This little purse-size album (about 4 x 2.5″) is the perfect medium for sharing holidays, birthdays, and big hugs with the little ones. And, you get to see so many in such a small book! Create your own on Memolio.

What grandparent (or parent) does not have photos of kids on the fridge? Why not organize them in this magnet tile design. It’s another great way to showcase all the important people in mom’s life. Start your own portrait set on Pinhole Press.

If you love love love thick card stock, this is the mother of all Mother’s Day cards. It’s large stature 5.5 x 7.5″, engraved calligraphy, and creamy texture is fit for a queen. I sent one to my mom last year and wished I had sent one to myself!  You can find this card and other beautiful stationery at Bernard Maisner.

For social moms who prefer paper to texting or emailing (that’s me!), here’s a little calling card humor. You can get a set 25 fully customizable cards for $30, so be creative and have fun! Complete collection on Minted.

We all love books, especially those with images capturing heartfelt moments of love and laughter among parents and their children. Get one for mom now, and save one for dad later (Father’s Day, June 17). Available on Amazon.

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