LEGO Home Decor

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time blowing my nose, coughing into my arm, and popping lots of Ricola Elderflower drops (the upside of a bad cold). Seeing how miserable I was, my son decided to “hide” LEGO men throughout the house because “it’s funny!” and I would probably laugh. I did. My favorite was catching one sitting on the toilet paper roll. In the spirit of terrarium building, he also stuck one in dried kiwi vines, while another ascended a pinecone. I’ll leave them be; we like humor in our house and innovative decorating. Thanks D!

3 thoughts on “LEGO Home Decor

  1. Well done. I love it.. He needs to start making Lego furniture .. Such a great sense of humor for a young men,, to you for

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