Garden Party

We celebrated my daughter’s birthday this weekend with a terrarium garden party. The idea came about after reading Terrariums Make a Comeback in the New York Times and admiring all the beautiful green designs. As much as I would have loved to recreate something from the story, this was my first time so simple was key. For the party, I used small glass containers (about 4 1/2″ tall) and varieties of dried moss from Moss Acres. Stones, charcoal, and soil were pre-measured and individually packaged so the girls could focus on customizing their gardens and just having fun. The moss came neatly laid out, and I was able to easily transfer the bed of greenery onto a tray. Once the moss was added to the terrariums, we watched as they magically came to life with just a little water (ooooh). The cute little red acorns that were used for the terrarium (above) and cake were from Doodle Bird. For the last step, the girls sprinkled plant-safe pixie dust throughout their gardens… for fairies of course! The fudge-on-fudge birthday cake, requested by the birthday girl, was reminiscent of a woodland forest. And, as a party favor, each guest received a muslin bag (reusable!) containing a magnifying glass, mini spray bottle, animal figurine, and maintenance instructions for their new little ecosystems. This was so much fun, I’m considering having another one… just because.

Most parents were stuck in the dining room with cheese, charcuterie, and some Old Sydney Town Punch, but no one complained.

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