Madame’s Souffle Recipe

One evening my husband had a brilliant idea “Let’s make a vanilla souffle!” I was bit concerned because we’ve never made a souffle, but he found a great recipe on 101 Cookbooks, The Madame’s Souffle Recipe, and off we went. I was in charge of the bouillie (mine not so good) while Martin mastered the egg whites (lovely). I had to applaud when the bowl was turned over and the whites stuck (good wrist workout). We didn’t have a souffle dish but an Apilco casserole worked just fine. We began our endeavor around 8:00pm and, about 3 hours later, we sat watching the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire devouring about 90% of the not perfect but delicious vanilla bean goodness. If you’re looking for a fun weekend recipe to do with your partner, this should be on your short list. (Tina, I finally did it!)

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