Gift Guide for Food Enthusiasts

A few finds for the holidays…

Clockwise from top left
An alternative to the usual month clubs, try Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club. They make “12 different salamis crafted from all-natural northwest pork using Old World techniques.” Perfect for an afternoon snack or create your own monthly salami tasting party with your savory friends. This is absolutely my kind of gift to give… and receive.

Kid’s room? Kitchen? Near the garden? Wherever you decide to hang it, it’s a good message and good design. Eat Your Greens!

This linen apron (with herringbone straps, no less) is such an elegant look for the Duchess of the Kitchen. Don’t you think?

For food art, I love this Pork Butcher Diagram from The Word Shop. The print is shown in charcoal (my choice) but you can request other background colors. While you’re browsing, take a look at their other fun animal prints.

At present, these are my four favorite food-related books. I have Ferran Adrià’s The Family Meal; it has simple recipes with robust flavors and fantastic visuals (so don’t get me this one). Another one on my list is Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. I like his sensible cooking style as well as nutritional focus. His books are also available on the App Store.  Bi-Rite’s Market Eat Good Food is to satisfy the locavore in all of us. And, Bite By Bite is for all the pretty little details I don’t want to miss!

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