Cheese in a Jar

A few summers ago, I took the kids to Harley Goat Farms and picked up some incredible cheeses. Consume while it’s fresh but, once the cheese has sat for a few days, try this recipe. Get a mason jar, fill it with olive oil, and let the cheese marinate for a few days. Here, I used extra virgin olive oil, spicy peppercorns, garlic, Meyer lemon, and rosemary. The goat cheese will last in the fridge for about two weeks (I must confess, we eat it within two days). Bring the cheese to room temperature before spreading on your favorite toast or cracker or with nothing at all. Another one I like is with pink peppercorns and blood orange olive oil. It’s quite refreshing, a bit sweet and tangy. Add any of your favorite olive oils and herbs to goat cheese, and you might be pleasantly surprised.

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