Nutella 3 Ways

My son often reminds me, “Mommy, if you would let me have Nutella for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… I would.” His older sister would probably concur. And, despite topping their pancakes and toast with the spread, they also have some favorite recipes to share. Enjoy!

Nutella Pocket Cookies. They love these cookies and for good reason! Look at all that gooey goodness inside. Recipe from La Fuji Mama.

Self-frosting Nutella Cupcakes. For my son’s fifth birthday, he asked for something Star Wars and Nutella. I decided to make a Millennium Falcon cake and Nutella cupcakes in Star Wars wrappers. When baking, I undercooked the cupcakes to keep them moist. When baked to the recommended time, the cake turned out a bit dry and the Nutella a bit crusty. All ovens are different so play around with timing. Recipe from babble.

Nutella Brownies. My friend, Mariangela, who knows my kids love Nutella, sent me this recipe. Though these treats only require 3 ingredients, they are a flavor powerhouse so bake them in mini cups. Again, undercook and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the subtle molten lava-like texture. Very yummy. Recipe from haute apple pie.

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