Jam Jars on the Go

Trying to catch one of the last warm evenings of Indian Summer, my friend Skye organized a bonfire at the beach. I find the most efficient (and green) way to pack a picnic is to use recyclable multipurpose containers, like jam jars. You can use any jam jar, but I think Bonne Maman jars are the best. I love their shape, size, and that they are dishwasher-proof. We have so many, and I must thank my daughter for starting our collection. She has their Four Fruits preserves almost daily.

The wide mouth opening makes it a perfect vessel for beach treasures, birthday cookies, salad dressing, and cheese (especially creamy ones). This is a safe place for most foods, especially when the sand and wind are not cooperating. In addition to storage, they’re great holding a nice cold drink.

Once you’ve unpacked your picnic goodies, use the glass jars as serving containers. They make food look fresh and give everything an artisanal feel. So versatile!

Note: You might have noticed that this image was not taken at the beach. Unfortunately, it rained along the shore so we moved the party to Skye and her family’s sunny home for a backyard picnic complete with fire pit for s’mores! It doesn’t get better than that.

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