School Lunch Containers

Now that our kids are back in school and have decided to forgo the optional hot lunches, I experimented with a few different food containers. We liked the following ones.

The Shinzi Katoh lunch boxes are a good solution for my daughter who tends to like her food compartmentalized so all flavors and textures keep to themselves (wonder where she got that idea?). My son, on the other hand, doesn’t mind individual containers, and I think he simply enjoys the process of opening things. And while I know many containers are difficult to open, I found that if you start them young and are consistent with same kind, they quickly learn. Our family favorite for school lunches, park snacks, and picnic meals is the Tellfresh® Oblong Storers by decor. They’re transparent so you can see what’s inside and name labels remain prominent. Also, some of the lids are interchangeable, which is a convenient feature. You can get them at The Container Store.

Finally, I got these Hot-Cold Food Containers from Pottery Barn Kids mostly to keep food hot. They work! Moreover, they’ve been great with keeping pasta sauce intact. A little tip… let the food cool just a bit before screwing the lid on. If closed when the food is too hot, the container becomes parent and teacher-proof at lunchtime! The containers are currently on sale for $11.99.

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