Cooking Party for Kids

Image by Little Cookin' Beans

My sister, who knows I LOVE cooking, just told me about a home cooking party for kids started by two teacher’s at her daughter’s preschool. Only a year old, Little Cookin’ Beans comes to your home with everything needed for a cooking party. “You don’t even have to be there!” is posted on the website. This may sound great to some, but I want to be there!

Here’s what my sister wrote: “The first time Daniella participated, the parents left and went down the street for drinks and the teachers took care of everything. This past weekend the kids cooked as part of the birthday party and the parents had a cocktail/appetizer time. The teachers do an excellent job directing and keeping the the kids involved. I highly recommend using them for a class or party. They really do a fantastic job and the kids have so much fun! They work with kids of all ages. Oh, and the kids eat what they prepare and cook! The last party we went to the kids cooked kale chips, pasta, pesto, bread, and cupcakes with frosting!”

With the children back to school, this would be a super fun social for new families as well as upcoming birthdays and other festive gatherings. However, in my book, any day is a good day for good food. Thanks Leslie!

Image by Little Cookin' Beans

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