The Berkeley Knightsbridge

Nibbling on a Sell-out Miu Miu vanilla bikini biscuit with navy icing and signature white bow was not my English husband’s idea of afternoon tea, but he was a good sport about all the faff surrounding The Berkeley’s Prêt-à-Portea. For me, I was thoroughly entertained with the intricately designed fashion-inspired cakes and fancies like the black and white chocolate stripe ‘Belle de Nuit’ Roger Vivier high-heeled shoe and Stella McCartney citrus print dress of orange and lemon mousse topped with marzipan fruit (a bit like a smoothie). The Victoria Beckham sponge cake totes with chocolate crocodile print were quickly devoured by my daughter, I only caught a bit on the side of her mouth. Darn, she’s fast. Anything dark and chocolcate was not safe around my son, but he’s a child enjoying “only on holiday” sweets. Still, I felt guilty keeping a piece or two safe on my plate.

Sandwiches and other savories were also on the menu but without all the styling. Us grown-ups ate most of these tasty bits with our tea. And, of course, everything was served on fine-bone china by Paul Smith for Thomas Goode. What’s not to love?

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